Image from Equatorial New Quinea. Photo by Christine Strater.


Peace Corps Response

Election Monitoring in Bosnia - Photo by Wayne Breslyn Way back, around 1995 the National Peace Corps Association helped organize an effort to get RPCVs with skills and experience to take part in relief efforts in the wake of the genocide in Rwanda. The Emergency Response Network (ERN) was formed, a database was built, and RPCVs ended up taking part in short term assignments around the world. I was fortunate enough to work in the former Yugoslavia for a few weeks, along with 50 or so other RPCVs, as an election monitor through the ERN.

The Peace Corps formed a similar program named the Crisis Corps a few years later. This morphed into what is today called the Peace Corps Response program. This makes sense as the Peace Corps Response program focuses more on short term (5-12 month) development type assignments.

Children in Kazakhstan - Photo by by Shanta Swezy Peace Corps Response Requirements
You don't have to be an RPCV for all of the assignments but it is required for some. The PC website does state that you must have served in the Peace Corps OR have ten years professional experience OR be applying through the Global Health Service Partnership. Looking at the 41 current openings 25 are for RPCVs only.

When you consider that there are about 7,000 Volunteers serving in the Peace Corps the Peace Corps Response program is fairly small in comparison. But this makes sense since the program requires more specific skill sets and professional experience.

Finding Peace Corps Response Assignments
Current openings are listed at You can search the listings as well as submit your resume "without applying for a specific position".

If you want to see all openings just click the search button [image]. Note that some postings are for RPCVs only. The time commitment ranges from 5 to 12 months.

If you're looking for something shorter than becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer for two year then Peace Corps Response might be for you. The UNV program is also probably worth a look as well ( There also other alternatives out there as well such, working at PC HQ or shorter term volunteer experiences (and domestic volunteer opportunities).

Photo by Mary Akers.  Photo by Shawn Davis.

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